FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here’s What You Need to Know. Go with the flow.

  • Disposable Versus Reusable – Why Switch!
  • The Surprising Facts
  • Hygiene and Safety
  • How to Care for Your ReliefPad
  • Do's and Don'ts to Remember

Using ReliefPad will help you stay more comfortable vis-à-vis traditional alternatives while helping reduce your carbon footprint as well as save money in the long run. Win-Win-Win!

On average, a woman uses up to 17,000 disposable sanitary products during her lifetime. That equates to a lot of waste especially considering the fact that women make up half the population on Earth. Moreover, these pads take hundreds of years to decompose. ReliefPad, on the other hand, over a long time horizon will be required in much lesser quantity thus reducing the waste by 99%.

Being chemical-free and fragrance-free, ReliefPad automatically provides instant relief as it helps decrease the possibility of side effects like allergic reactions and hormone disruptions and help the women stay healthy and rash free.

ReliefPad is made out of eco-friendly and sustainable fibers which entails that only 100% REACH tested fabric is in touch with your skin. In addition, they are super-absorbent as they incorporate a unique DALP 3-layer process! What’s there not to like!

As a rough guide, ReliefPads last up to 24 months (or even longer) which allows you to enjoy up to 85% savings in just a matter of two years!

Here’s a fun fact: menstrual blood does not have any other bad odour than the normal smell of blood. Which means that, despite contrary opinion, periods aren’t a smelly time – the foul odour which emanates is usually from the chemical reaction made when blood meets with the chemicals inside a disposable pad. Because ReliefPad is devoid of any chemicals, it means No reaction and hence No smell!

ReliefPad prides itself at being an all-in-one style reusable pad with 2 different types available: Maxi Pad for coverage up to 6-8 hours and Super Maxi-Pad for extended coverage up to 8-12 hours.

You’re in luck sister, ReliefPad has got your back! With leak protection and a super absorbent core, ReliefPads are designed to be super absorbent. Thereon, our standard Maxi Pads provides unbelievable coverage up to 6-8 hours and in case of a heavy flow, you can opt for our Super Maxi-Pad for extended coverage up to 8-12 hours.

ReliefPad is made of out of cloth fabric all unbleached, and special DALP process is used to provide it with the power of super absorbency, softness, breathability and importantly Anti-microbial.

That's the burning question, isn't it! While we made sure to put safeguards in place with DALP process to ensure leak-proof protection for hours, suffice to say, any menstrual product is prone to leak if it isn’t changed in a reasonable amount of time, or if placed improperly in your underwear.

Always make sure to wear comfortable fit cotton underwear. Although, it’s tempting to wear loose underwear during periods, there is a leak waiting to happen as it’s prone to slipping and sliding. Also, be practical about which product to use for any certain situation. If you have a heavy flow, we suggest opting for Super Maxi-Pad for longer coverage! Stick to the suggested pad-changing time-lines and you should be A-Ok!

Depending on how they are washed and frequency of use, ReliefPads can last for many years. On average we estimate your pads will last for 24 months at the very least, but with a bit of care, it’s designed to last even longer.

Thanks to the DALP Process, the liquid gets absorbed into the inner core layers. If your pad starts to feel wet it means it’s time to change it with a fresh one, just as with any other product. As a matter of fact, several users report feeling less wetness and more comfort with cloth pads against their body as compared to sticky plastic pads.

Since ages, cloth has been the go-to fabric used by millions of women across the world to manage menstruation. Truth is, the pertinent question is not figuring if cloth is hygienic, but whether it is cared for hygienically. When ReliefPads are washed well, dried in direct sunlight and stored well, they tick all the right boxes.

Our super-comfortable pads come with wings which fold around your underwear and helps to keep it in place. We recommend wearing well fitting underwear whilst using our pads to ensure the pad fits comfortably against your body.

Yes it does. But the secret is that it gets rid of it also very quickly. To keep it stain-free, it has to be soaked in cold water for few minutes before washing. The reason behind this is simple – because blood contains protein, it rinses easily in cold water, while warm water coagulates the blood and becomes very hard inside the pad.

The best way to carry soiled pads is in a storage bag. Do not put them in an airtight container, as it can lead to bacterial growth! You can also keep them in a bucket or laundry bag after use!

Stash it away in a nice, dry place away from direct sunlight like a drawer. It’s totally your call!

ReliefPad offers 2 different styles of reusable pads to choose from – Maxi Pad and Super Maxi Pad. There isn’t one that is better than the other as both are designed to last long. After all, your flow and comfort level may be different, so just consider this as a starting off point. In the end, it’s all about your personal preference and hence we recommend that you try both styles to see which one you prefer.

If you find yourself at school or work, don’t panic. You can always carry your reliefpads with you before the onset of your period to be on the safer side in your bag. If you're traveling over a long distance or you think you won't have access to a toilet for a longer duration, you can also wear a Super Maxi pad so that you don’t have to change as often.

This is dependent on how heavy your flow is, and how often you choose to wash your pads. We believe that 3+1 packaging would be a good number to start off with to ensure that you have enough backup in place when the others are in cleaning and taking into consideration that your flow can vary.

The good news is that there’s no fussy and complicated washing process. Simply soak used pads in the water and further wash it with detergent if any stains are there. After washing rinse the remaining water from pads and hang it in front of sun rays to dry fast. After it is completely dried, your ReliefPads are ready to be used again.

We request you to not make these common mistakes made by others.:

  • Do not use hot water, bleaching agents or fabric softeners. In addition, ReliefPad should be completely dried before storing it in a clean and dry place.
  • Always wash before the first use.
  • Do not soak the pads for more than 30 minutes as longer duration can make it a breeding ground for bacterial growth and mold.
  • After washing, be sure to rinse it well, as detergent build-up can inhibit absorbency and lead to odour issues.
  • Do not machine wash as it can damage your pads.